Intercultural learning through the eye of the camera

The Foundation "Worth to Live" along with the Croatian organization LUMEN ( received funding for a youth exchange project: "Intercultural learning through the eye of the camera" in the framework of the program "Erasmus +" financed by the European Commission.

The theme of our project is to bring cultures and characteristic of the countries participants through handson workshops in photo. These workshops will take place mostly in the open air, on areas Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska, which will allow Polish and Croatia participants to get to know interesting places, history and monuments and wildlife of the region, will present attractive Polish side. 

All project's activities shouldn’t obscure the issues that will be our unspoken motto-at every opportunity, promoting the integration of attitudes unforced way-proEuropean. In addition to photo workshops in the field, participating youth will participate in thematic workshops on the art of photo, but also the problem of moving the workshop to NGOs. 

The last step and step synthesis exchange, will select the most interesting photos taken during the project, followed by an exhibition-opening and creating album presenting this work as a joint performance of all participants in the project. The most important result of the project will be assumed group integration, and this can be achieved without knowing for participants by making even common things, play together photo, shared learning about the region, history, sights of nature.

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